Fengyun Liu

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Initializing Global Objects: Time and Order
    Liu, Fengyun and Lhoták, Ondřej and Hua, David and Xing, Enze
    OOPSLA, 2023 (link)
    Distinguished Paper Award
  2. A conceptual framework for safe object initialization: a principled and mechanized soundness proof of the Celsius model
    Blaudeau, Clement and Liu, Fengyun
    OOPSLA, 2022 (link)
  3. Implicit state machines
    Liu, Fengyun and Prokopec, Aleksandar
    LCTES, 2022 (link)
  4. Safe object initialization, abstractly
    Liu, Fengyun and Lhoták, Ondrej and Xing, Enze and Pham, Nguyen Cao
    SCALA, 2021 (link)
  5. A type-and-effect system for object initialization
    Liu, Fengyun and Lhoták, Ondrej and Biboudis, Aggelos and Giarrusso, Paolo G. and Odersky, Martin
    OOPSLA, 2020 (link)
  6. Simplicitly: foundations and applications of implicit function types
    Odersky, Martin and Blanvillain, Olivier and Liu, Fengyun and Biboudis, Aggelos and Miller, Heather and Stucki, Sandro
    POPL, 2018 (link)
  7. Theory and Practice of Coroutines with Snapshots
    Prokopec, Aleksandar and Liu, Fengyun
    ECOOP, 2018 (link)
  8. Initialization patterns in Dotty
    Liu, Fengyun and Biboudis, Aggelos and Odersky, Martin
    SCALA, 2018 (link)
  9. A generic algorithm for checking exhaustivity of pattern matching (short paper)
    Liu, Fengyun
    SCALA, 2016 (link)


  1. A Study of Capability-based Effect Systems
    Master thesis, EPFL, 2016 (link)
  2. Safe initialization of objects
    PhD thesis, EPFL, 2020 (link)