Fengyun Liu thoughts on programming, language and logic

I am a programming language researcher and a programmer.

My research revolves around the design and implementation of programming languages to make software more reliable, secure, faster, and easier to construct.

Topics of interest: compiler construction, language design, program analysis, formal verification, type theory, concurrency, meta-programming, domain-specific languages.

I just defended my thesis (slides), here is my CV.


» Where is the Domain in Domain-Specific Languages
» Eight-Queens Puzzle and Type System
» Programming as Theory Building
» Referential transparency, definiteness and unfoldability
» Synchronous Dataflow Programming Languages
» Encoding Tuples and Variants in System F
» Intuitionistic Logic
» Types and Programming Languages
» Flow Control and Congestion Control in TCP
» Distributed Algorithms
» Wait-Free Concurrent Computing
» ...