Fengyun Liu thoughts on programming, language and logic

I am a programming language researcher and a programmer.

My research revolves around the design and implementation of programming languages to make software more reliable, secure, faster, and easier to construct.

I’m currently working at Oracle Labs on the GraalVM project. Previously I worked on the Scala 3 compiler at EPFL.

Topics of interest

Compiler construction, language design, program analysis, formal verification, type theory, concurrency, meta-programming, probabilistic programming, domain-specific languages.


» Where is the Domain in Domain-Specific Languages
» Eight-Queens Puzzle and Type System
» Programming as Theory Building
» Referential transparency, definiteness and unfoldability
» Synchronous Dataflow Programming Languages
» Encoding Tuples and Variants in System F
» Intuitionistic Logic
» Types and Programming Languages
» Flow Control and Congestion Control in TCP
» Distributed Algorithms
» Wait-Free Concurrent Computing
» ...